The Founding Faculty

Cowell College

The University of California at Santa Cruz

The photograph below, and the enlarged portions, show the members of the founding faculty of the University of California at Santa Cruz and its first college, Cowell College.

The College admitted its first students in September 1965. This photograph was taken outside the Natural Sciences building, in which the initial faculty had its offices, soon thereafter.

In order to retain detail of the original photograph, the group view is a large file and may take some time to load. Please be patient.

Group View

Group: Left Portion

Group: Left Portion. Details.

Glenn Willson Betsey Avery
Richard Mather Karl Lamb
Marshall Sylvan Ron Larsen Carl Morris John Dizikes
Tom Vogler Bob Werlin Bill Hitchcock George Amis
Jack Michaelson Rich Randolph George Benigsen Bernard Haley

Group: Central Portion

Group: Central Portion. Details.

Page Smith Maurice Natanson Sig Puknat Betty Puknat
Lenny Kunin Roger Keesing Herman Ammon Charles Daniel
Ron Ruby
Todd Newberry Ray Nichols Bruce Larkin Michael Braelove
Manny Schaffer Harry Berger Neal Oxenhandler Mary Holmes

Group: Right Portion

Group: Right Portion. Details.

Gabe Berns
Bill Doyle
Gudrun Kamm Bert Kaplan
Paulette Fridling Bhuwan Lal Joshi
John Pierce Jasper Rose

Missing from the Group Photo

Eileen Wu Ray Collett Jim Cronin Bill Domhoff Herman Blake

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